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From first look to first kiss, you have a beautiful story to tell...



your best day ever


your best day ever.

Your wedding day is just that...all about you! Let me come alongside you and give you the kind of experience every bride dreams about. 

Welcome, friend! I'm so excited you stopped by. I'm Carrie, a meme-loving girl mom and your new bff.  Grab your favorite brew and let's chat!

"We were in awe of how filled with love and light the photos were. We highly recommend Carrie for all your photography needs!"

- Kimberly & Phillip

let's chat

Not only can I be an extra resource in the wedding planning process, I'm highly passionate about documenting everything from details to dancing making sure you walk away with memories of your biggest celebration.

THere are so many decisions that have to be made for your wedding day, so let me help make some of those for you! 

You can’t go wrong with Carrie capturing special moments.

rachel & Sal

kimberly & phillip

Once we received our photos back we were speechless. We were in awe of how filled with love and light the photos were.

Emily & Matt

Photos are stunning and the person behind the camera captured every moment.

storytelling photography for couples Serving west virginia and beyond.

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matters on your wedding day

and I'll be there for

matters on your wedding day and I'll be there for

"My husband and I can’t say enough great things about Carrie & we will confidently recommend her to anyone we know. 10/10!!!"
- Rachel & Sal

susan thomas

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