August 9, 2019

Young, Wild, and Three!

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Sunday we celebrated the Paton Twins 3rd birthday in Fairmont. Leaving the house has now become a challenge, especially when it comes to getting out on time to be on time (I guess I should get used to this, am-I-right?). Being a first time Mom, everything basically scares me because we’re still learning and getting to know our baby girl 🙂 I was reluctant to attend since Maren is so little and does not have an immune system and, not too mention all of her shots, I couldn’t bear deciphering another condition this week based on the acid reflux stress we endured the week before. HOWEVER, leaving my FTM anxiety aside, we went anyway and I’m so glad we did. All of our favorite people were there and it was a change of scenery since being home on maternity leave. It’s been a JOY to watch Camden and Kennedy grow and see their personalities develop. There are times where I don’t know who is who, but after a while, it’s clear. Cammy is ALWAYS cheesin’ and is a true girly girl. Kenny dislikes attention/cameras and loves to play ball. And if that isn’t enough to tell them apart, ask Angelo :p . As Allison puts it, “They are our ‘Opposite Identicals’.” Enjoy some favorite photos of the party!

Cake made by Mama, Alla 🙂
Hi, Rosie!
Baby Maren meeting Mimi for the first time today. Maren is Mimi’s 13th great-grandchild 🙂
Cammy cheesin’
Val Val and Rosie; isn’t she’s the sweetest lil pup?!
That’s my Dad
Mamaw and Maren
Based on the description above, can you tell who’s who?
Everyone singing Happy Birthday!
A little help blowing out candles from Dad and big bro, Angelo
Angelo and his buddy, Rio
We love us some Paton time! Happy Birthday, Girls!

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  1. Alla says:

    Love love love! Thank you Carrie Berrie!! Xoxo

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